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The world is full of information. There are billions of information transferred everyday. Everyday you also read many of these information in the form of News,blogs and media etc. Here at our Ftafatnews.com. we made these information entertaining and available to you. We present you these information in the form of blog posts. We are a team of creative writers and some highly educated people who consistently work on getting important news and publishing on our website.

Our content is mixture of all important news as well as informative content which you should know. We love entertainment, sports, music world, Film industry and so we publish it. In this hard rush life we usually don’t find time to collect all segment news at one place.So we are committed to provide you bunch of information ready to you.

In a very small span of time and hard work of our team we become one of best news website in India. We provide information/news on several categories like Politics, Sports, Facts, History, Entertainment, Spiritual, Lifestyle and Looks, Business, Economy and many more.


We are focused on keeping all the stories updated on our website, the stories which people want to know and must know for living a better life. These stories will grip you and entertain you, so that you can get information in an easy way. After all, who wants to read the serious news with monotonous content in it, all the time? These stories will be so engaging that you would love to share them with your friends and family.

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